Natural Jute Linen Table Runner
Natural Jute Linen Table Runner
Natural Jute Linen Table Runner


Natural Jute Linen Table Runner

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This elegant Jute Linen Table Runner is the perfect addition to any party or wedding decoration.

Made from natural burlap with a beautiful khaki color, it adds a touch of country charm to any occasion.

Use it as a table runner or chair decoration for a rustic and sophisticated look.


Product material: Jute.

Jute is a natural fiber that comes from a flowering plant in the mallow family. It's one of the most affordable natural fibers around, second only to cotton in terms of production and variety of uses.

Technics: Woven.

Pattern Type: Solid.


1. Feel comfortable and natural.

2. It is not easy to fade, the color is varied, the color is still as new after repeated washing.

3. Not easy to shrink, after washing shrinkage rate is very small, but also can maintain the original fabric weaving; The finished product after processing will not be shortened in size, deformation and so on.

4. Strong fibers are not easy to lose. firm, wear-resistant and durable.


30x160cm, 11.8"x63".

30x180cm, 11.8"x70.8".

30x220cm, 11.8"x86.6".

30x240cm, 11.8"x 94.4" inch.


Spot cleaning is best: Avoid soaking or submerging your jute table runner in water. For most spills, blot up any liquids with a clean, absorbent cloth.

Treat tough stains gently: For tougher stains, you can try dabbing the area with a damp cloth (not soaking) with a mild detergent solution. Test any cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area first. Brushing or scrubbing can damage the jute fibers, so avoid those methods.

After cleaning, allow the jute table runner to air dry completely out of direct sunlight. You can use a hairdryer on a cool setting to speed up drying, but avoid using high heat.

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